Application built by manythink

Kronos is a tool designed to help you
in all your events.
It offers 3 different functionalities: - Countdown
- Stopwatch
- Push a message
Countdown: Prepare your speaker playlist before the event to be relaxed on the day itself.
Each item in the list can be edited, removed and/or reordered.
If you have two monitors available, you can display the output on the second screen (see under "settings").
Stop watch: It's never easy to know how long a person will take to tell his story.
The stopwatch helps you in rehearsals by timing each speaker, and adding the time used to a list.
You can add a comment to each lap, and then use this data to set up the Countdown timers.
Push a message: At any time, send a message to the speaker.
If a Countdown timer is running, the timer will be moved to the bottom of the screen.
Other functionalities: There are other functionalities like work with two monitors, upload your own or client's logo, customize output screen, ...